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Retired professor of climatology, Dr. Tim Ball argued that climate change is not due to manmade causes such as increased CO2. Environmental issues are being politicized and exploited, he said. It is arrogance that we can stop climate change, and human energy into the system is miniscule-- global climate change is caused by natural cycles mostly related to the sun and the oceans, he noted.

The bullying atmosphere about the future of our planet is misguided, and environmental extremism leads us away from the real issues, he commented. For instance, fears of overpopulation begun in the 1960s have not played out, and if anything, there is a bigger problem of declining populations, Ball offered. He also addressed water concerns-- droughts are part of a cycle, such as in the Great Plains of North America, which undergoes a 22-year pattern.

It is a myth that fossil fuels are running out, and the increased usage of biofuels such as ethanol is threatening world food production, he detailed. For more, see this article Ball wrote for the Canada Free Press.
I remember in the 70's when the big deal was global cooling.
Two reasons for “evil” alignment, the idiotic notion that it somehow makes the PC “cool” or the doltish idea that it means that their character can do absolutely anything he or she wants.
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