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Default Re: Is GURPS good system for cyberpunk

Originally Posted by Almenac View Post
How well do you think GURPS is suited for Cyberpunk games? Is it easy to run?
It's the best system for Gibsonian CPunk there is.

How does it compare to other CP names like original Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Interface Zero/Savage Worlds or others?
Those games impart a flavor through their crunch, so if you seek to impart that flavor... eh... it'll be a lot more hard work to hack GURPS into that shape.

Originally Posted by Almenac View Post
Originally Posted by Anders View Post
The Action series may be useful as well.
Thank you! I have eyed them before, but now it's the perfect time to pull the trigger.
Action 2 and Action 5 are absolutely requirements*. The others... eh... less so, unless you really want to use Templates, at which point I strongly recommend reworking the templates to fit the types of Characters you want to see.

* Disclosure: The preceding comment was typed by someone who considers those two books requirements for every game he runs.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
If you charge people points for cybernetics most PCs will take a pass on most cybernetics, as the vast majority of it is a really bad investment compared to conventional gear. On the other hand, if you only charge money, someone will buy 50-75 points of wealth and put it all in cyber, and that will be problematic in a different way.
The simplest way to deal with this is to remove Wealth from the game.

Just give the PCs the starting capitol you want them to have. Done. If you absolutely think they need more money (or the access to trade starting abilities for capitol) then allow them to trade Points For Cash.

This is CPunk, no one should be playing the "multibillionaire who runs the gutters for lols and because he no longer feels the zest for life unless he's bleeding and in a firefight..." and if someone does want to play that Character, then their background is something they've left behind anyway and should have no impact on play, so they have no access to the Wealth.
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