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A destination as apposed to an origin.

- A similar End to “Main Street” may fit in the same world
- The local climate is somewhat friendlier than “Main Street's” but drier and hotter
- The sudden change of climate brought on by the End has reduced the available varieties of crops.

- Brimstone is crossroads town.
- Very little rain catchment, this has pros and cons
- Has a doctor
- May be politically unstable with the three main factions
- Possibilities exist for reunification gaming or a “Fistful of bullets” campaign
- No fiber crops
- One or more factions may be or contain mutants depending on the type of game.
- High temperatures severely limit the plants that can survive.
- The locals diet is very narrow and deficiencies are common.
- Aside from the doctors garden the heat and lack of pollinators has resulted in the available crops being reduced to not much more than cereals.
- the water supply requires a working pump.

Located in a shallow saddle with typical post apocalyptic plains on either side. Brimstone benefits from a location that does not receive much in the way of water or wind born toxins. A major road by AtE standards passes through the community.

The fields around Brimstone alternate between golden wheat, browning beans and green pasture. Wind turbines, watch towers and solar panels are visible on the horizon. To the south the titanic power of the old world's weapons is starkly obvious as a mountain lies broken revealing a warren of tunnels and chambers.

A deep (1200m) bore is the only reliable source of water for the community. This water has a high sulphur content which provides the town with it's name. The water is at near boiling point when it reaches the surface. The old cooling trenches now have an added benefit, the core of the town has a moat filled with water hot enough to strip skin off the unwary.

Growers; Control the Bore and produce the crops, reliant on the Ranchers for power and meat. They are also reliant on the Diggers for parts, some high end consumables and equipment higher than TL5 or 6. The Growers maintain horses for use as draught animals.

Ranchers; Serve as sentries and the first line of defence they control the power generation (mainly wind) and grazing animals, reliant on the Growers for cereals, the richer grazing land and water. They are also reliant on the Diggers for any technology higher than TL4 as well as ammunition and weapons.

Diggers; The diggers “mine” the ruined bunker complex and use what remains of it's infrastructure. They produce old technology from their delving and maintain higher tech facilities than the other two factions. They are reliant on the other factions for food water and power, though they do produce some mushrooms and a very few crops under artificial light. They maintain the equipment required to quarry limestone and produce the spare parts for the rest of the community.


Three field rotation is used at Brimstone with Cereals (Wheat and Maize) following on from Legumes (hand pollinated Beans) that follow on from two years as pasture. Due to the Sulfur in the water acidity is an ongoing problem requiring a large amount of lime. Blood and bone fertilizer is provided by the livestock the Ranchers manage and the Diggers have the ability to use the abundant sulphur to produce other TL7 and 8 fertilizers. In total about 1.5-2 tonnes of cereals and beans are produced per hectare providing the mainstay of the diet for the 5-600 residents of brimstone.

The Diggers produce mushrooms but are reliant on the growers for a growing medium and water. Yields will be maybe half that of underground mushroom systems elsewhere due to heat and the ever present sulphur.

The Ranchers have a range of animals that they raise almost entirely for meat, to produce dairy they would need animals with the appropriate genetic stock and reliable access to the Grower's higher quality (irrigated) pasture. They raise sheep, cattle, horses and goats at about 0.05 stock units per hectare (see post 54) on the land surrounding Brimstone. They also irrigate a small area of better pasture (2-3 Stock Units per hectare) and when they can arrange it they graze their animals on the high fertility pastures (9+ Stock Units per hectare) maintained by the growers.

Doctors garden
The doctor is a late arrival to the community of brimstone and came with a large number of plants suitable for supporting their occupation. The communities Doctor(s) maintain a well protected and high walled garden with several subdivided areas maintained within. These walls (and sometimes roofs) protect the plants from both the elements and people more interested in the gardens recreational qualities. As well as the plants mentioned previously (post 128) there is also wormwood, camomile, coffee, cloves (dental uses even today) cinnamon, oregano, onion, anise, noni, ginger. Unknown to the locals the micro-climate provided by the high walls ensures the plants are cool enough to survive. The net effect of this well developed doctors garden is a bonus to health rolls in most recovery situation (radiation excluded, see the Diggers) and probably the ability to offset any penalties to health rolls to recover. (I will leave out the exact numbers). This is a dense garden about half a hectare in size with a few trees. Pollination is carried out by hand using small brushes.

- Meat
- Leather
- High tech
- Energy rich, long lasting cereal. Several tonnes of surplus.
- Ether

- Hot baths
- sterile doctor's treatment room

Stored food
- Poor quality beef, goat and mutton jerky, Sugar or honey would improve the quality greatly.
- Flour, corn flour, lye treated cornmeals
- Dried beans



- Farming
- Animal handling
- Engineer, electrical, structural, mining
- Blacksmithing

Some editing and additions required, tried to work in a lack of bees ;)
I have left the exact game effects of the doctors garden out but if anyone wants to throw around some ideas feel free. On the same subject if anyone wants to expand on any of these locations by adding social detail or NPCs etc feel free, they might require a new thread for clarity though???
Waiting for inspiration to strike......
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