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Default Re: Official Rules Update and FAQ (Draft versions 1.01 - June 21)

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Will this need a note in "5.07 ... A bridge hex is like any other road hex. A unit which moves from a road to a non-road hex, or vice versa, is affected by the underlying terrain." to indicate that a road-out hex is not a non-road hex?

I.e. road-out destroys roadness into the hex, but not out of it? A stream bridge is a "roadness" indicator for the hexside, which is independent of road-state in the two connecting hexes.
The only benefit I can see to the hex side bridge is to cross streams. No need to muck up the rules with "bridge is like a road" type clarifications. If one side has a Road Cut and the other doesn't, and the bridge isn't out, then you can cross the bridge, but you wouldn't receive road bonus.

I'm not sure where the confusion is here.
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