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Default Re: Bow - 3 shots in less than 2 turns - In real life.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
That's quite possible with the quick-shooting bows rules in Martial Arts. Does not require weapon master, does not require anything fancy. Accuracy at range is crap :)
I agree that accuracy at range is poor, but that's not the point. The technique is designed to put a lot of arrows on target in a short amount of time at relatively short ranges.

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
EDIT: I'd say the technique is rapid shooting + the dual shooting technique + damage/range penalty to offset skill penalty, plus training in the technique and taking an All Out Attack. This is not a battlefield technique, this is a shooting-range technique.
It might be a bad idea on the battlefield (where backpedaling and trying to draw a melee weapon would probably be a better option), but it looks pretty darned useful for hunting. In terms of game mechanics, though, you're spot on.

Arguably, though, based on his stance and release point, the archer is using
"practical" or "primitive" archery techniques used by bow hunters since prehistoric dimes. In game terms, Bow skill.

The very stiff, controlled stances used by Olympic archers to get impressive accuracy at long ranges are a good example of Bow Sport + Aiming + AoA.

Not surprisingly, target archers beat the snot out of primitive archers at target archery, while primitive archers bag more game because they're used to shooting moving targets.
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