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Default Munchkin in Toys R Us

I see from today's Illuminator that Munchkin is now in Toys R Us.

This is great news for SJGames, I'd say.

I never shop at Toys R Us if I can help it, due to their practice of frequently jacking up prices well over MSRP, but I can't deny that they have a large presence and a lot of customers that Munchkin will now be exposed to. Good for everybody.

I just have to hope that Toys R Us doesn't get any nifty Munchkin exclusives that I want. My experience from buying LEGO suggests that Toys R Us gets particularly price-gougey when they have an exclusive. With LEGO all the Toys R Us exclusives were also available at MSRP direct from LEGO, but SJGames seems to grant genuine exclusives, not offering the exclusive items themselves, so we'd probably be stuck with whatever Toys R Us wanted to charge.

EDIT: I just realized I accidentally put this in the 101 forum, which is obviously the wrong place. Hopefully a mod could move it. Sorry.

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