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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

I have a collection of aphorisms for superheros:
  1. Never bring a gun to a swordfight
  2. Growth is the amazing power to make yourself an easy target
  3. Energy blasts are a power. Marksmanship is a skill
  4. The difference between a common supervillain and a criminal mastermind, is that a common supervillain doesn't tell you the beating you are giving him is all part of his "master plan".
  5. You can't mass-produce awesome
  6. There is no idea so stupid it can't be used to hurt someone
  7. If you wear a cape, make sure it's detachable
  8. Always know which walls are loadbearing
  9. These no-nonsense solutions don't hold water in a complex world of time travel and jet-propelled apes.
  10. When in doubt, break something and hope you're elsewhere when it explodes.
  11. If you don't pick a name, one will be chosen for you.
  12. Pick where you want your impact crater before you leap.
  13. Never trust a clown.
  14. They actually have to be doing something before you get to hit them.

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