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So if our hypothetical barely-realistic-highly-skilled martial artist has ST 13 and Karate at DX+1 at least, and he's wearing boots, he'll kick for 1d+3 cr, or an average of 6.5 points of damage.
I think targeting the leg here is much better than the face. With only a -2 to hit and a major wound on average damage, it seems like a no-brainer. You should also have some room to throw some deceptive attack in there.
If you're doing, on average, enough damage to cause a Major Wound, and don't already have a Targeted Attack technique bought, it's not immediately obvious to me that deliberately going for a TA rather than randomly rolling for hit location is a good idea. Skull, face, neck, groin, both legs, the weapon arm, and the weapon hand are all better-than-normal results, likely to end the fight more or less immediately with enough damage for a Major Wound. Torso/nonweapon arm/nonweapon hand's likelihood for stun/knockdown/disability through shock penalties means that you get to attack them again more or less risk-free, which probably ends the fight.

Deliberately targeting hit locations makes most sense when your damage isn't high enough to cause an ordinary Major Wound, but is high enough that it might Cripple something critical.

When your damage is high enough to either cause a fight-ending injury or give you a 'free hit' with stun/knockdown/disability through shock penalties, no matter where you hit, it makes most sense to use your surplus skill for something other than a Targeted Attack- like a Deceptive Attack, a Rapid Strike, or keeping skill at 16 for the critical-hit bennies.

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