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Default Re: GURPS Forum Abbreviations: help the newbies?

Originally Posted by zorg
Originally Posted by Molokh
Because the last four are listed in the Basic Set?
Yes, but maybe IQ!, DX!, HT! and IQ! should be listed as this is not something obivous. And can easy be confused with "Bang Skills" which is almost the opposite. So:
"Pure" attributes, in the sense that you buy off any subattributes based upon the original value:
ST! = ST - HP.
DX! = DX - 0,5 Basic speed.
IQ! = IQ - WILL and PER.
HT! = HT - FP and 0,5 Basic speed.

Also I would suggest putting the "Rarely used" in a third category called Rarely used. As the point is to help new people the most used one should be easy to find, and preferibly put in alfabetic order. For instance AoA is, in my experience, one of the most common Abrevations and it can be quite hard to find it in the list as rarely used abrevations takes up space.

[edit] I would suggest doing the same with the forum abrevations btw. among others I have never seen "BSEG", "EG", "FTF" and most of the other "grins", where "AFAIK", "IMO" and "BTW" pops up all the time.

Just thought of another Game aberevaiton:
FTL: Faster than Light (travel, communication, speed). [/edit]

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