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Default Re: Car Wars Beginner Here! (Classic Edition)

Hitting the points you make:

Originally Posted by The_Phantom666 View Post
[*]Acceleration Limit
This is why gas engines and High-Torque Motors appeared.

Also: Someone else mentioned "starting speeds" -- the speed at which one enters the arena. Back'n'th'day, usual starting speed was 30; if the map was particularly big, it could be higher. (Racing events usually started at 100!)

Originally Posted by The_Phantom666 View Post
[*]Targeting Modifiers
Targeting mods seem designed to encourage close-range combat -- which then puts one at risk of getting one's tires shredded by spikes, mines, or other dropped nastiness.

Question: What skill levels were being used? Our usual was 6-7, with no more than half being allowed in one skill (so a 7-level character could only have a max skill bonus of +2 [0, 1, 2])

Vehicle selection: The _Hotshot_ and _Joseph Special_ are Div. 15s; why were you using a Division 10 design?
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