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Default Re: What We've Got Here is a Failure to Communicate

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Over an open intercom? That's a death sentence.
In what sense?

Taylor figured talking at all would bring the SRT guards running for his position, but that reaching the barracks from the main compound would take 2-3 minutes. He planned to be gone by then. The guards would then have to search the barracks in addition to any other places they were patrolling, leaving fewer to worry about guarding fixed points, like the jammer or any prisoners, such as Agent Banks if he still lives.

Randall, Lamb, Summers and the two orderlies, James and Gilbert, just happened to be headed for the barracks to fetch coffee and snacks. They didn't hear the conversation, because they were outside between the main compound and the barracks while it took place, and only realised something was off in the barracks when the fire alarm and sprinklers went off as they opened the doors.

If you're referring to any kind of legal consequences, it's dubious that suggesting a bare-knuckle fight to someone who is clearly proposing to kill you and others with firearms is even illegal. It could be argued that the intent was to reduce risk and harm.

Even if taunting someone who is threathening you were found to be illegal, any consequences would ensue after we were rescued. Taylor figures that if him having 25 years left of his sentence in Fort Leavenworth doesn't prevent Onyx Rain from being able to make use of him, a minor potential charge for inciting violence or threathening the Warden won't bother them much. Taylor also has considerable doubts that Warden Tyrrell will survive the events of the night, going so far as to feel a very un-Christian urge to take a hand in the matter himself.

Or do you mean something else?
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