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Default PAX Prime 20 Years of Munchkin Tournament (Apocalypse)

An official Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Apocalypse Tournament hosted by the SJGames Men in Black (MiB) Seattle crew.

Link to Event:

Location: Seattle, WA
PAX Prime (PAX West) at Gamma Ray Games and the Raygun Lounge
Game system and game genre: Cards and parody RPG
Desired frequency of game: One Time Tournament
Other relevant information (for example: point total or level of characters, is this an existing game where you need one person to join or is it a new game, restrictions on age, smoking/non-smoking, drinking/non-drinking): Limit outside food or drinks please.

Set: Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition
Rounds: 2x 60 minutes, 1x final 60 minutes
Promos: Standard, No proxy items

Munchkin Tournament Rules:
Munchkin Apocalypse Rules:

A Steve Jackson Games representative will be at Gamma Ray Games and the Raygun Lounge during the tournament this year, instead of the PAX Prime (PAX West) Convention in Seattle, WA.
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