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Default Re: Was GURPS Autoduel a big thing?

I was reading Apocalypse World recently and I thought it might provide an ideal driver for a CW campaign.

It seems to be less GM plotted than many RPG's, which suits a game where everyone want's to get into a car and shoot stuff.

It has a 2d6 dynamic making conversion a little easier.

It has a more abstract rules dynamic which again related well to the rules lite nature of the RP side of CW (and the roll 2 dice and pray meme).

I am not sure about the sex aspect (I presume that it sells copy, but at my age, sex isn't the fundamental driver that it might have been when I was a teenager). I was thinking of just replacing it with duelling instead.

It is designed to expand and compress time to accommodate off-screen antics (such as extended healing for characters).

Each character has a limited number of skills (special moves) and again this fits well with CW rather parsimonious approach to skill acquisition.

It's set in after the apocalypse where the world is dog eat dog.

I haven't had a chance to use it yet, does anyone have an experience with the game and whether it would fit the non car combat aspects of the game? Better has anyone put together play books for it?

Happy New Year.
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