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Question 82:
Can OAI that looks mostly human be built? If so, How are they legally and visually distinguished from humans?
Absolutely. You can design and build an OAI put inside of a shell that's indistinguishable from human. They usually have rights comparable to other OAI. On the other hand, public opinion is often more against the mistreatment of "human-like" OAIs over "non-human" OAIs.

Indistinguishable human shells are rarely sold. There is concern that indistinguishable shells would make it easier for the human slave trade to operate. The ones that are have reams of paperwork attesting to their construction. For this reason, Most major shell manufacturers (including NeuroCorp) don't bother producing them.

The main producer of most indistinguishable shells is Worldware Biosystems. Many humanitarian groups have accused Worldware of systematically falsifying papers to protect slavers since the Wolfshead War. Worldware has emphatically denied these allegations, and has blamed low-level clerks for most incidents.

Question 88 [HIST] When and what was the Wolfshead War?

Question 89 [TIMELINE] What is the epoch of the Cyberyear calendar? What is a better name than "Cyberyear"?
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