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Default Re: [GAME] Synthesise a Cybercity!

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Basically an idea stub. I threw it in the emphasize Musa is/was a relatively hands-on kind of guy, and to compound NeuroCorp's problems in 5201, with revolutionary technology suddenly turning into vaporware.
Cools! In which case...

Question 86 [TECH][MUSA]
What was the promising flagship TFM Project that Blake Musa has been working on since at least ver IV in the 5190s?

And while I'm at it...

Question 87
When and what was the Battle of the Dancing Tortoise (c. 5210-30, involving Musa Blake ver V and U-Sec violence)?

I've just updated the Timeline post with more stuff. I dropped the year ref to the Master Wars cause I think it's served its purpose, and it was a pain to calculate for each entry.
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