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Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Blake Musa ver VIII (5279-5302)
The most notable fact about Blake Musa ver VIII is that his death was a central factor in the LD-8 Incident.

Blake Musa ver IX (5304-)
Blake Musa ver IX was initialized as part of the resolution of the LD-8 Incident.
Question 68d [HIST] What is the story surrounding the LD-8 Incident? Are there any continuing ramifications from the LD-8 Incident? [Just restating this]
Answer 68d) [HIST][JURY][CORP] - The LD-8 Incident
The LD-8 Incident was one of the most damaging as well as most embarrassing events in the history of NeuroCorp, being a coup that went for almost a year before anyone realised. Enacted by a member of the innermost circle of NeuroCorp's executive, the coup replaced Blake Musa ver VIII with Life Decoy-8, an identical bioframe coopted and reprogrammed by the conspirators.

The ruse lasted for 10 months, from November '02, when ver VIII was black-bagged in his aircar, his bioframe decommissioned and his memcore blackboxed, to September '03, when the mastermind was unmasked. The board then became locked in a heated conflict for several months over whether to initiate ver IX and reinstate Blake Musa as CEO, or instead to move on with different leadership. Once that question had been settled, with no small amount of bloodshed, it then took a further two months to properly upload the recovered ver VIII's damaged memories and integrate them with those from the LD-8 into the personality matrix of ver IX, thus booting him up in April of 5304.

The Supreme Jury was called upon to rule in this case to determine, (a), the jurisdiction of the case, that is, whether it was a crime under the city's civil authority or a purely internal corporate matter, and (b), the particular laws that had actually been broken. As it turns out, the case is still currently being litigated.

As a result of this incident, Blake Musa ver IX has become a paranoid recluse, rarely descending from his residence on the top 12 floors of NeuroCorp Plaza, and then only with a heavy U-Sec detail and only for urgent board business. He has also directed the research arm of NeuroTech to urgently investigate so-called Deep Credentialling, a form of authorisation that goes beyond physical biometrics and memorised passwords, to avoid such a situation occurring again.

Question 83 [MUSA-9]
Are the memories and personality of ver IX faithful to and contiguous with ver VIII (or with vers I-VII for that matter)?

Question 84 [LD-8] - Details about the coup
a) Who was the leader of the coup? Are they now in prison or elsewhere?
b) What was the motivation or objective for the coup?
c) What group was supplying outside technical and logistical support to the coup leader?
d) What NeuroCorp policy changes, initiatives or actions were implemented under the false leadership of LD-8?
e) How was the coup eventually exposed and why did it take so long?

Question 85 [TECH]
What are some research avenues being pursued to achieve Deep Credentialling?

Now I'm going to have to comb over the last few posts for events to add to the timeline post.
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