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Default Re: [Sorcery] Questions about Warp and Ally

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
I'd actually argue, as I suggested above, that there doesn't have to be a modifier on Summonable to do this. The way I see it, Ally as an advantage is providing an NPC who is loyal to you. I think it's reasonable to say that the Magical limitation on Ally itself can be interpreted to be limiting the "loyalty" bit, rather than the "physical presence" bit.
Actually, Minion (Magical, -10%), +45% is a better fit in some cases. The critter doesn't go away in a no-mana zone, but your control does.

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
All this discussion of summoned Allies being magically bound is making me think that there should probably be a variant on the Conjured enhancement where, instead of a reaction roll when you conjure the new ally, it's a contest of Will instead. That's probably the usual Based on Will +20% enhancement, just applied to Conjured instead of the full Ally advantage, so turning it into a +120% enhancement.
Requires Will vs. Will roll is orth -15% - not +20%. But I like the idea.
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