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Default Re: High Amounts of non penetrating damage. Bullets VS Plate Carriers

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
I think my issue is bullets just don't have that kind of momentum.
Bullets usually don't have that kind of momentum. A bullet fired from a tank's main gun, or even "just" a mounted anti-materiel rifle, could very well have such. Like I said, it's not entirely unrealistic, just extremely unlikely, as the sort of impact pressures that would have to be involved will usually punch through the armor.

Originally Posted by Tomsdad View Post
Look at the kind of knock-back you'd be getting here, and what that would mean for firing a gun that did that with Newtons 3rd law in action.
Look at the kind of damage you need for that knockback - my example called for a DR 60/5 armor before the effect came into play. You don't get this kind of performance with weapons that can be hip-fired. As for the action-reaction effect, I don't think there's a single weapon where MinST is low enough for an average hit* to knock the wielder back, and considering the shooter is going to be better braced for impact than the target, things should work out alright here. Yes, this does mean an M14 will, on an average-but-nonpenetrating hit (meaning he'd need to be wearing armor that would put Ned Kelly's to shame), knock an ST 10 character back one yard. Part of that is GURPS' unrealistic (but easy to use) knockback rules, of course, but for the modest cinematics GURPS defaults to, it doesn't seem like a bad rule. The lesser reduction for pi++ means you only need around 4d+2 to manage that knockback, which can be a bit more problematic, but not game-breakingly so.

*Higher than average damage with a firearm doesn't mean a more powerful bullet, it means hitting a higher-value target, impacting at a better angle, or similar.
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