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Default Re: High Amounts of non penetrating damage. Bullets VS Plate Carriers

Originally Posted by DeathDaisy View Post
I wasn't aware there was a damage cap on piercing attacks? Are you thinking of the overpenetration rules in campaigns? It says the attack overpenetrates if it does more damage than your DR+HP, but doesn't mention an actual injury cap as far as I can tell. But I might be missing something.

Yep there's an over-penetration rule in High Tech for Torsos (basically injury is maxed at HP, but still counts at full value for Bleeding etc).

It stops high energy rifle bullets taking people to -1xHP or worse in one shot instantly. Bullet wounds even from high energy rounds don't really work that way unless they hit some pretty specific things.

Originally Posted by DeathDaisy View Post
But anyway, if the number seems excessive, make it crushing for up to 1\2 DR for piercing attacks perhaps.
I think my issue is such rounds just won't do that much Cr damage.

I'm going to try Anthony's half and half suggestion with my allowing blunt trauma to counts as Cr for knock down tests, and see how it goes

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