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Default Question About the Style Gaki (Munchkin Fu)

Alright, so there's a problem with one of the cards that my friend and I are completely stumped on.

On the "Style Gaki" card it states the following ability: [Mod: Please do not quote card text.]

Now I'm assuming the point here is to state, "ANY CARD" I get that...

But you have to understand that some of us that function a bit more literally minded would interpret that to mean "ANY"...



... "CARD" ...

Including the cards in the opponents play area. Including the cards in the draw decks. Including the cards in the discard piles... Including the cards in the other expansions sitting on my shelf. Including my expansive collection of MTG cards in the game room...

My friend even placed down his credit card on the table and gave the Style Gaki a +2... and challenged me to find the rule that states he cannot use it... I couldn't find anything.

Technically my wife could get me a "thank you" card from the Hallmark store, and she could play it on the Gaki, even if she isn't playing the game, because it says "ANYONE"

To wit, my friend and I set about a whole hour and a half of searching, laughing, and arguing... and more searching. Neither of us could find anything anywhere that would help us to understand just where the line is drawn here.

Considering that the Gaki is only a level 14... we both seriously doubt that this is the way the card was intentionally MEANT to be played, so we assume there's some sort of 'implied' limitation as to who constitutes as "anyone" and what constitutes as "any card."

Please, for the sake of sanity and all that is holy... give us some sort of boon from the deities... Shine upon us your glorious light of knowledge... help us in our hour of need SJG!

Your friendly neighborhood,
~Emberwatch Lounge

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