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Default Re: The Fall - Transhuman Survival Game (Interest Check)

Life on Earth in the 38th Century
Under the direction of the AI rulers of the Solar Republic, Earth has become a prosperous and peaceful utopia.

Humans are but a minority among countless sapient Terran species. Protected and cared for by their AI rulers, the people of Earth live in constant luxury with virtually every desire satisfied. Poverty and injuries are rare, and now a matter of choice rather than chance.

Physical illness have faded into obscurity by most people as they are constantly kept healthy by surrounding and internal nanomachines. There is no medical profession, no knowledge of first aid. The general consensus is that the machines will take care of your health.

There are now 37 billion organic people living on Earth, and not just on land, but in underwater cities as well. In order to sustain such a large population, agriculture was discontinued centuries ago in favor of molecularly assembled foodstuffs.

Nowadays, the dangers of starvation and thirst have nearly been forgotten as food can be produced on the spot with foodfacs which can produce any food imaginable from organic compounds that are fed to them via the domestic nanofacs, which in turn are supplied by the feedstock grid.

Science has progressed to the point where it's beyond the level of comprehension of organics without the aid of radical cybernetic augmentations. This in turn has led to a general acceptance of ignorance.

As most knowledge can be obtained by simply asking the cloud or by downloading it into the brain via direct neural interfaces, reading and writing were deemed unnecessary and obsolete over one and a half millennia ago. Since then, reading and writing have been lost by the organic people of Earth.

Crime and violence on Earth are virtually non-existent as there's little cause to commit such things and more or less impossible to get away with them. Not only is violence seen as barbaric by most, but there are no personal weapons available on Earth.

People on Earth now live complacent lives where nothing is ever demanded of them. Most spend their lives surrounded by entertainment, some even become entertainers themselves, and a few even become artists. Yet they are still so naive that some aren't aware that there's a war going on, and most who do know don't even care.
Phew... So with all of that out of the way, is there anyone interested in playing? :3

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