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Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
In this Q7 world, Louis XIV has, in the year 1665, announced that any French Protestant emigrating to Canada would receive Full Equality of Rights with Catholics! He also granted freer property rights and reduced other economic restrictions as well.

Centrum is appalled. French Canada is growing quickly. If trends continue, then France might be able to either take over North America or prevent complete English domination of North America. Centrum sees itself as having its hooks into this world's British Empire, it won't tolerate a rival.
You need to consider the likely political trajectory of French Canada, too. While there will doubtless be sectarian Catholic and Protestant factions, there's real scope for a tolerant majority that wants to be free of the distant monarchy and be its own country. The "American Revolution" could well be north of the border, unless the French monarchy supplies a prince to be king of a united Canada, and he does his job right.
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