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I was inspired by the Unofficial Marvel thread to do a take on Moonstone. I copied a great deal and changed a touch here and there. Here's my take using a number of house rules (noted afterwards):

200 ST 30 (BL: 1 ton; Max 10 tons; Thr 5d+2)
40 DX 12
60 IQ 14
30 HT 12
Speed 6

16 Appearance (Very Beautiful)
5 Eidect Memory
10 High Pain Threshold
10 Languages: English (native); Russian (Accented); Spanish (Native)
15 Talent: Light Powers 2
40 Talent: Memetics 4
7 Perks: Courtesy Rank 2 (NASA); Illumination; Sartorial Integrity; Sexy Pose; Skintight Uniform; Supersuit
5 Rank: 1 (NASA)
20 Wealth (Wealthy)

2 Aquatic (Super -10%; AA: Flight x1/5)
175 DR 25 (Cannot Breathe while Active 0%; Force Field +20%; Hardened 1 +20%; Switchable +10%; Super -10%)
12 Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Storage x100 -30%; Super -10%)
90 Enhanced Move 5 (Flight; Move 384/Mach 1; Super -10%)
11 Enhanced Move 3 (Underwater Flight/Swimming; Move 48; Super -10%; AA: EM Flight x1/5)
56 Flight (Space +50%; Super -10%)
9 IA: 5d burn (Laser Beam; AD/2 +50%; Range x5 +20%; Underwater +20%; Variable +5%; Light -10%; Super -10%; AA IA: fatigue x1/5)
56 IA: 3d fatigue (Heat Ray; Cone 1 yd +60%; Hazard: Heat +20%; Range x5 +20%; Variable +5%; Light -10%; Super -10%)
11 IA: 5d cr (Concussive Beam; Cone 1yd +60%; Dbl KB +20%; Range x5 +20%; Underwater +20%; Variable +5%; Light -10%; Super -10%; AA: IA fatigue x1/5)
80 Insubstantial (Cannot Breathe while Active 0%; Light Enc +20%; Light -10%; Super -10%)
50 Mind Control (Suggest; Independent +70%; Sense-Based Vision -20%; Suggestion -40%; Super -10%)
4 Pressure Support (Only while DR is active -10%; Super -10%)
4 Vacuum Support (Only while DR is active -10%; Super -10%)

-5 Obsession (Gain Power)
-5 Overconfidence (12)
-4 Quirks: Atheist; Fakes Being Congenial; Incorrigible Flirt; Vanity
-20 Secret (Imprisonment)

38 Aerobatics-12 (DX) [4]; Brawling-12 (DX) [1]; Innate Attack (Beam)-16 (DX+2+T*) [4]; Lip Reading-14 (Per) [2]; Psychologist!-14 (IQ+1) [24]; Savior-Faire (Military)-14 (IQ) [1]; Sex Appeal-12 (HT) [2]

1022 Total

-First off, the attributes are a bit different, mostly because I see her as more intelligent than physical, and she's going to be defaulting more skills.
-ST comes out similarly but without the fatigue restrictions. (KYOS optional rules)
-Less DR is needed to bounce the same ordinance and I dropped some of the enhancements. An .50 HMG only averages 23 damage per shot with normal ammo under this system.
- I bumped Appearance and removed both Charisma and Voice. Guys tend to lust after her, but women mostly seem to hate her. The more you get to know her, the less likely you are to like her.
- I dropped the social chameleon and adaptability. She relies on her skills to manipulate and blend.
- I dropped extra attack. She could only use IA once per turn anyway, so it didn't do anything.
- I believe he was using SuperST as a base for the alternate abilities. That seems odd, since it would switch off your HP as well.
- I allowed her to "fly" underwater with alternate movement abilities.
- I don't usually charge extra for EM (space). It's usually more of a campaign feature.
- No being able to breathe with the field up isn't bad enough to justify a limitation on that ability, but it does offer a secondary reason why she would need to toggle it on and off. I also removed the "No Signature" so she'll need to turn it off when blending in.
- I simplified the skills to focus what she's good at and removed what seem to be overlap. For example, she's not a world class actor, but she is a world class psychologist that uses her understanding of others to manipulate them. Acting and Fast Talk attempts are really an application of her wildcard ability.
- There was quite an investment in athletic and accuracy skills which I toned down because she's more apt to rely on her manipulations first and then fall back on her combat skills.
- All her IA are a variation of each other, so one skill works for them all.
- I increased her perk obsession to a full on disad. It's one of her primary motivating factors and she's willing to kill to acquire power. Bad Temper or an unhealthy desire for retribution would work too.
- I used "Suggestion" from Powers and make it more light power based instead of using an Affliction for her hypnotic daze.
- I added Insubstantial since I believe she started with it, but that might have been a later power.

Overall, the costs are more in line with the benefits I see them providing.
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