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Spider-Man (very young / movie type version)

ST 30 [200] HP 15 [-30] (BL 1 ton, max lift ~10 tons; Thrust 5d+2)
DX 15 [100]
IQ 14 [80]
HT 13 [30]
-Speed 8 [0]; Broad Jump (x32) 138 yds, Jump/Swing Move 27
-Dodge (cosmic, see below) 15

Webshooters (Gadget: Unreliable 14 -5%; Machine -5%; DR 5 HP 4 -15%; SM -10 0%. Total -25%)
-Binding 36 (Nuisance: Dissolves to residue in 1 hour -5%; Webshooters -25%) [54]
-Gizmo 2 (Web Constructs; Webshooters -25%) [8]

Clinging [20]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Cosmic Dodge 3 (Move 8 * 7.5; Cosmic +50%) [60 for base move] [+68 additional levels]
Danger Sense [15]
Luck [15]
Regeneration (Hourly) [25]
Perfect Balance [15]
Perk: Climbing Line [1]
Perk: Swinging [1]
Super Jumping 5 [50]
Very Fit [15]

Acrobatics DX+0 (+1 Perfect Balance) [4], Innate Attack (Webshooters) DX+1 [2], Science! IQ-2 [6], Scrounging Per+0 [1], Stealth DX+1 [4].

Total 755 points (before disads and other customization, easy to round out to 750 points).

This character is a pretty amazing dodger (cosmic allows him to dodge things he's not aware of) that really only has to worry about area attacks and accurate rapid fire. Luck helps here to make sure he can make a roll when he needs it.

He doesn't have a lot of HP (for a semi-realistic weight) and he punches for a default 5d cr (at DX 15, so not too shabby). Due to low HP, he can be taken out fairly easily, but he's a survivor (luck?) that recovers pretty quickly (regeneration).

His IQ and DX are conservatively low. This is both to keep the character in the affordable range (targeting around 750 points) and because he's supposed to be young, inexperienced, and developing. Even so, he's can still do most anything DX or IQ based from default fairly well and can back that by Luck if necessary.

Web Constructs are a bending of the gizmo rule. It allows up him to create something out of webbing with the trade off being it can't be anything that isn't appropriate to being made out of webbing (no moving parts, nothing that requires fuel), but it can be much larger than a normal gizmo. For example, can't produce a flashlight or even a sharp knife, but he can make a hang glider or raft.

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