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Default Re: [GURPS concepts] Parry and Block

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
That's not what Martial Arts says.

On a simple success you only int6erpose your weapon (or limb) between you and the attack. The attack does damage to your weapon and if that damage takes your weapon down to -5x HP the excess is applied to _you_.

Only on a success by 5 (or a Critical Success) is the attack defected without damage.

Force Swords are given an ad hoc exception. There's a suggestion that if the intercepted object is too big for your Force Sword to destroy you take partial effect from the attack anyway.

So while Precognitive Parry is always called a "parry" it works a lot more like a Block if you don't have a Force Sword.

Nowhere in the Skill text does it even discuss deflecting attacks onto another target.
I stand corrected.

Where are the normal rules for damage to weapons and shields?
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