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Page 16 of GURPS MAGIC (for 4e)...

"Unlike most Ceremonial spells, however, enchantments can be performed alone (though most enchanters take advantage of the benefits of assistants). Lone enchanters cannot gain a skill bonus for using extra energy."

Note that this seems to refer to the Quick and Dirty method where one can use extra energy in a trade-off for a better effective skill. But note too, that the money quote as given under the paragraph of "Slow and Sure Enchantment" (in GURPS MAGIC 2nd edition for GURPS 3e) is entirely missing in the GURPS MAGIC for 4e paragraph of Slow and Sure Enchantment. Having the statement that lone mages may not use energy for skill - parallels the original rules in GURPS 3e where a solitary mage may not use ceremonial magic at all. It took GURPS 4e to state that Enchantment WAS ceremonial magic.

So, was it an "oops" where the word count required that "fat" be trimmed, and in so doing, change the meaning of the original rules, or was it intended that slow and sure enchantments would fundamentally change? My guess, is that it was intended - because the rules for calculating the worth of a magic item with a "power level of 16" is absent entirely from the rules in GURPS MAGIC (for 4e).


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