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Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
My statement is, "Why would a mage want to be an enchanter?" Your statements have been, "Here is how you make enchantments cheaper to buy." *shrugs* .
You started off with an example of why Enchantments were so expensive to buy that no one would do so. Your numbers were bad and even your base assumptions as to why those numbers were what they were flawed.

That is what I was addressing and you appear to be attempting to change your "statement" is ex post facto from my viewpoint.

Addressing your statement as it appear above I would say that a amge chooses to be broadly based (including Enchantment) instead of being a Johnny One Spell for hire because the latter is dull and subject to fluctuations in market conditions.

Knowing a broad base of spells enables the mage to switch from one money-making spell to another when market conditions change. It also provides for him to cast spells for his own benefit more conveniently and reliably which can be an attractive way to directly raise his standard of living.

Especially true if mages are rare. It's nice to be able to cast Halt Aging for yourself anytime you can find an extra 10 pts of energy rather than depending on finding another mage who must be stupider than you are for choosing broad-base over the supposedly more lucrative One Spell market.

As a general remark, no one should assume that low tech markets will be even close to "perfect" under the definitions of that term of modern economics. This as much as anything else should be limiting up simple attempts to model economics in such settings.

Then there are emergencies for which the broad-based mage is better prepared than the Johnny One Spell with money.
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