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Originally Posted by Icelander;1990893
The young were bitterly divided on the [URL=""
Wham-Duran Duran Question[/URL]; a?
Eh, no. Even if it had been a thing it'd would have been over in 1988.

No Wham! but George Michael is peaking as a solo artist. Duran Duran is well past their peak but not quite gone.

At a minimum you should at least look at the above list briefly. Your first guesses were rather Eurocentric. Also, in rural Maine it might not even be pop music.

1988 was fairly early in the "New Country" phase. and it should not be underestimated as music to drink beer by in areas largely lacking in dance clubs.

Switching gears unless the lumber company owner is a Wall street fish out of water he'll be driving a pick up truck. A very large one, possibly with an extended cab. Not one of those little Toyotas that are ubiquitous overseas. Those were know in the US at the time but humorists tended to paint out the OATA on the rear gate and leave only the TOY. Stallone fans went for YO instead. Not lumberjack material.
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