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Default Re: [Dungeon Fantasy] Sheep

The one in Hall of Judgment is a bit less buff:

Mountain sheep, as with their fellow climbers the mountain
goat, are grazers that eat the foliage that sprouts from
mountainsides. They are solid and powerfully built,
sporting large, backward-curved horns that promise pain
and suffering to those that provoke a head butt.
The males are mostly harmless unless it’s mating season,
where they will engage in ramming contests with other
males, or convenient adventurers.
A male sheep will typically weigh about 240 lbs; a female
about 150 (ST/HP 11, -1 to damage).

ST 13; DX 12; IQ 4; HT 12

HP 12; FP; 12; Will 10; Per 12; Move 7/14

• Discriminatory Smell
• Enhanced Move 1
• Night Vision 4
• Perfect Balance
• Peripheral Vision
• Quadruped
• Temperature Tolerance 2
• Tough Skin 1
• Wild Animal

• Climbing-14
• Jumping-14
• Stealth-12
• Sumo Wrestling-12
• Survival-12

Attack-[Skill] Damage Reach Notes
Bite-12 (DX) 1d-4 cr C Very weak bite
Horns-12 1d+1 cr C,
Ram-12 1d C +3 to both sides damage
due to leaping slam
Monster Notes
Mountain sheep have the same climbing adaptations as goats (splayed hooves with clawed grippers inside) they’re rolling vs Climbing-20 to keep their feet. Don’t bother rolling unless they’re knocked around or the ground is unstable.

Even wild sheep are curious and nosy, and will butt in to anything they feel like where they don’t detect a threat. Like goats, they’re prodigious leapers, so slams are made at Sumo Wrestling-12, and are at full Move 7 (+3 per die to both sides) and also count as a shield bash (1d+2 cr) due to the large, blunt back-curved horns.

Mountain sheep have a thick skull, which is DR 3 from the front.
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