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Default Munchkin Quest - starting at different levels

I don't yet have a copy of Munchkin Quest (MQ), I'll get one once the game is available at my Favorite Local Game Store.

As an MIB, I want to do demos of the game once I've read through the rules again and played a few trial games. However, I've heard MQ takes about two hours to play. That's too long for my taste, especially if demoing the game. I've been informed that it can be shortened by putting victory at lower than Level 10. So I could run the game to say Level 7.

However, I'm wondering if it is OK to start at Level 4 and run to Level 10. The special d10 Power is more reliable as level goes up, so among other things starting at a higher level means these will be more useful earlier in the game. Also stuff that makes you Lose Levels can come into effect earlier.

Any issues with starting at a higher level? I think 4 seems an interesting starting point. Not too high or too low. I'll see how it goes once I get the game, but anyone who's played can let me know if they see any pitfalls with this? I suppose even if you've just read the rules and are good at seeing issues and loopholes, feed back is welcomed.


- James (MIB 1313)
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