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Default Re: Cracking water in TRAVELLER

Based on what you guys are telling me, I presume that for purposes of storage, and that the time to purify water into its "hydrogen" component - it makes more sense to keep your tanks filled with water until you anticipate needing it for the hydrogen. I'm thinking based on Anthony's numbers that 9 cubic meters of water will produce 1 dTon of hydrogen, that the ratio of Water to Hydrogen is about 64% (or if using 13.5 Cubic Meters of volume per CT, we're looking at .67% For a 100 dTon scoutship - back when the ships could only manage Jump 1, they could have had 10 dTons of fuel tankage for the primary jump, and then carry an additional 7 dTons of water. Cracked into Hydrogen, it would have given them the necessary 10 dTons of hydrogen for the next jump without even needing additional fuel.

Best of all, it doesn't require cryogenic storage.

That's just a minor nitpick after all these years. I can't help but wonder what the workup would be for Ammonia (why use Methane if you have better uses for Methane?)

Thanks again guys. :)
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