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Thank you Anthony! Whew!
Yes. The molar volume of an ideal gas depends on the conditions - 22.4 liters is for a specific one - the old definition of standard temperature and pressure (0 C and 1 atmosphere). It's 22.71 liters for the more modern version of STP (10^5 bars), and there are half a dozen other kinds of "standard conditions" for gases, so other values in the 20 to 25 liter range are possible depending on your source. None of them are anywhere close to the conditions required to have *liquid* hydrogen. The molar volume of liquid hydrogen at it's boiling point (20.28 K and 1 atmosphere) is about 0.0284 liters, about 789 times smaller. This is pretty typical, most things expand by a factor of 600 to 800 when they boil.
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