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Default Munchkin quest barrel of molasses

1) During the game, there was a big dispute over the use of the "Barrel of molasses" potion +10 for each non-flying monster. I believe that it can only be used according to the general rules of potions, that is, in your own or adjacent (portal) room. Opponents believe that the card can be "play during any combat" and no matter the distance as it said on the card.

My arguments:
- all potions work from the belt and they need to be thrown, which means being close by.
- "during any combat" meant that in his battle or another munchkin in your or the next room, but it's not about distance. Just to help not in your own battle.

Opponent's arguments:
- "during any combat" - meant any. Absolutely. The rules of the cards rewrite the rules of the game.
- the card does not say that it is throwable. There is only "big potion"

2) In the same game there was a dispute about the "line of fire". Again, about throwing potions. In the rules of the expansion, an example is given with neighboring rooms without doors. It literally said the following:
"And the room between the start and the end points of the LoS does not block it, even if in appearance and in fact the room cannot miss the sidelong glances of the munchkins"(not sure about translate). Are we talking about the trickiness of these neighboring rooms, or is it still possible through the room? Will it work throw two rooms, portals?

Which one of us is right?
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