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Default Re: Making a Heavier Version of a Melee Weapon

Originally Posted by JCurwen3 View Post
A player that likes his character to wield a great axe (as per Low-Tech, p. 70) asked me if he could have one made, given the cash, that was heavier, under the idea that his super-strong (ST 80) character could take advantage of the heavier weapon and have it do more damage.
A basically canonical but slightly odd method is to use the Gada rules from Martial Arts.

Those allow for Gadas of arbitrarily heavy weights and adjust damage in the process. See Martial Arts p.216. To change a Gada from min St 16 to ST80 multiply weight by 5. It's now 75lbs and probably solid metal instead of wood and does swing +25 cr.

Then use the Combination weapons rules. You need the slightly more complete ones from LTC-2 p.13 rather than the ones in MA. Adding an axe blade to one side adds a lb of weight but doesn't effect Min St. Damage is now Sw+24 cut.

<shrug> As I said it's slightly indirect but I think it's legal.
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