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Problem is the problems.

By which I mean there were a whole wedge of problems set up in BANESTORM and an update will not only have to give an answer to them but to set up new problems. Which is likely to conflict with those of us who have run our own campaigns in which Mighty Heroes (aka the PCs) have done what they do and changed things, hopefully mostly for the better.

That said, there should be at least a PYRAMID in it if they want to do it.

Maybe you could do a set of different Yrths, newly created parallels which spring from the resolution of the various plot threads. If the Emperor is destroyed cleanly then all hail the bright reforming new Emperor, if not so cleanly but still destroyed then there's a Civil War with the Templars lying madly to cover up their Grand Master's sin, if he's still on the throne then a new age of corruption and decadence... And so on.

Me, I'd pay for more fully worked out stuff on the various cultures. A Sahud book, please! A CITY OF MEGALOS, please....
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