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Default Re: Duplication between DFRPG and other books

Originally Posted by clu2415 View Post
Iím gearing up to run a Dungeon Fantasy hexcrawl and Iím planning to get the boxed set. Iím looking through other supplements and wondering if any get mostly duplicated in the boxed set.

Conversely, what 2-3 supplements would you pick up to augment the boxed set? Iíve read that DF16 Wilderness Adventures is chock full of good stuff for a hexcrawl.
Points for running a hexcrawl!

If you just want to find monsters, kill them, and take their stuff, DFRPG + DF 16 is all you need. If you want any noncombat detail whatsoever, add Action 2 - Exploits and check out Dungeon Action to cover your action fantasy hexcrawl. The latter plays much more like your typical game in That Other System.
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