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Default Gloomhaven (cross-pollinatable with GURPS etc.)

I was gifted a copy of Gloomhaven, which is pretty much an entire pared-down fantasy RPG system with a card-driven mechanic, and plenty of materials about adventure scenarios and overarching campaigns in a fairly focused region.

I'm still learning the gameplay, but the rest of the materials with the game look like they could be immediately repurposed to work with GURPS - cardboard standies for miniatures, hex-based tile maps in full color, and transferable adventures and sidequests in the journals.

They also have quite detailed miniatures of various fantasy staple classes, in case the GM or player is of a painting inclination.

(It seems like more and more board games are aiming for cross-transferability too. I have heard that The Rising Sun board game intentionally went all out on the detail of its miniatures for various Japanese theme Oni demons to appeal to the miniature painting crowd.)

I haven't seen much additional material for DFRPG, and the relevant thread in the relevant forum suggests that the line is being put on hold or terminated, so my first thought with this game was transferring the standies and maps GURPS.

Anybody else with thoughts on this title, over a year after its release?
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