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Default Re: The 2010 e23 Releases and Speculation Thread

Upcoming Products

In addition to these forums, my sources include the blogs of Dr. Kromm, Phil Masters, and William H. Stoddard and Rev. Pee Kitty's Twitter. Roger Burton West's GURPS Fourth Edition: What's Coming Up is more exhaustive and less speculative than this thread will be.

Space Gamer
Starting the week of 6/24/10, SJGames has begun uploading their back issues of Space Gamer. Per Steven Marsh "new" issues will be uploaded each Thursday along with the usual e23 releases.

The issues released under SJG's tenure comprised #27-76 and the 6-issue run of Fantasy Gamer.

Upcoming Pyramid Issues
Monsters In Space!
Thaumatology II
Silver Ships and Solar Skies

Taken from here. It warns that "the exact order of "TBA" issues is subject to change," but the order listed has equaled the order released thus far. Issues almost always come out on the second-to-last Thursday of the month.

Upcoming GURPS Books (in rough order of probable release)

-GURPS Powers: Divine Favor (comments turned around as of December 17th, should be released in early 2011; hints dropped here and here)
-GURPS Low-Tech Companion 3: Daily Life and Economics (preview PDF checked as of December 17th; early 2011 release likely)
-GURPS Horror (rough PDF reviewed as of December 3rd; working on art; expected in 2011)
-GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1 (in production as of December 3rd
-Volume 1 of RPK's "Project M" (rough PDF checked as of December 17th, 2011 release date set; real title begins GURPS Mon... and is abbreviated MH; described as "Mix 2 c. Dungeon Fantasy, 2 c. Action, 2 c. Black Ops, 1 c. Voodoo, 1 c. Powers, and 2 tsp. Psionics into 1 qt. Horror:", and should also include "2-1/2 c. Thaumatology"; series includes "powers, magic, vampires, and violence", "chupacabras, rogue angels, and axes", "curses, hunting, undergrounds, and plagues", "hordes, werewolves, and energy gathering", and "hand-loaded thermate rounds, Adrenal-Muscular Trigger, and divinations."; will be compatible with Divine Favor, Gun Fu, Thaumatology, Psionic Powers, etc; first leaked here; description of project here; confirmed as multiple volumes here and here)
-Volume 2 of RPK's "Project M" (rough PDF checked as of December 17th, 2011 release date set; will include "database hacking", "maze-like tombs", and "mesmerizing taint"; RPK edits for final draft in progress as of October 27th; includes "Chapter 2: Being Awesome")
-Transhuman Space: Cities on the Edge (90-page preview PDF in review as of September 17th; contains sample adventure)
-GURPS Tactical Shooting (content complete as of October 29th, should have art by early January and be released first quarter 2011)
-Transhuman Space: Martial Arts 2100 (final draft edits made as of July 29th)
-GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live (final draft received the week of July 9th, has had "mini-playtest")
-GURPS Social Engineering (playtest in progress as of December 4th)
-Transhuman Mysteries (edited draft received at SJG as of July 23rd)
-GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Loadouts (final draft submitted week of October 8th)
-GURPS Psi-Tech (peer review in progress as of December 17th)
-Volume 3 of RPK's "Project M" (first draft reviewed as of December 17th; includes "puncture tube", "undroppable flaming sword", and "parasites"; vignettes involve "reggae zombie party", "hookers from hell", and "kamikaze fire-bears"; will provide uses for wildcard skills at higher relative levels, "stats and details for a bunch of monsters" and SEAL teams fighting mutated animals)
-GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror (first draft being reviewed as of December 17th)
-Matt Riggsby DF adventure (first draft received week of September 3rd)
-unknown Dan Howard project (first draft received as of December 3rd)
-unknown Matt Riggsby project (first draft received as of December 3rd)
-Volume 4 of RPK's "Project M" (being outlined)
-Warren Wilson project ("saw forward progress" the week of June 18th)
-Hans-Christian Vortisch "future work" (mentioned in May GURPS news)
-"Secret project by Peter Dell'Orto" ("made significant headway" week of May 7th; might be the same as the DF item discussed above)
-unknown Bill Stoddard project (being negotiated as of September 24th)
-unknown Phil Masters big project (contract signed as of September 2nd, rules issues being sorted out as of September 24th)
-GURPS Vehicle Design (major revised draft undergoing extensive playtest and multiple revisions as of December 30th; final draft in early 2011 probable)
-GURPS Girl Genius ("being actively worked on" as of July 19th; "even a guess" at a release date wouldn't be feasible)
-GURPS Bestiary (March 19th: "the wheel turned another few degrees on GURPS Bestiary this week. It isn't just parked"; made more progress on 4/30/10)

That's 28 possible future releases that have been discussed thus far.

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