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Default Re: W23 and reprints

Originally Posted by fuelstaind View Post
One last thing - I think I have seen the answer to this question, but this will put it out there for sure. Are ALL of the Munchkin sets getting reprints with updated cards, from Blender to the Rigged Demos? Or is there some that are being left as they are?
We don't plan to reprint the Rigged Demo, since (as was stated downthread) Marked for Death takes its place (and has NEW cards). We haven't made any announcement about the Cursed Demo, other than that some of its promo cards will be reprinted at some point this year. And we haven't announced reprints of every other Munchkin product, but right now I believe the plan is to schedule reprints with updated cards and rules as they're needed.

Originally Posted by bonetm View Post
Well, Munchkin 6, Munchkin Dice, Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa will not get updated cards, because they don't need.
To be clear, though, Munchkin 6 and Munchkin Dice will get colored cards when they're reprinted. (Munchkin 6 had a few wording tweaks, but nothing meaning-changing.)

Originally Posted by zack_black View Post
Classic Munchkin is the only "non color" set that is to be reprinted in full color (all of the other sets are already in full color).
To be clear, all fantasy sets that are reprinted will be reprinted with color cards. I think Zack was talking about core sets in his response, but I wanted to be explicit.

Originally Posted by fuelstaind View Post
I was unaware that Marked for Death was replacing the Rigged Demo. So what about the promo cards that came with that set, will they also get the color treatment?
Marked for Death does not contain any promo cards. If we do end up reprinting fantasy Munchkin promo cards, they will be color.
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