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Default Re: Pyramid #3/19: You know the trade, clerics, here are the tools.

I don't think anyone's stepped into the vacuum of doing official e23 forum posts when something new is released. I'd be tempted to say whoever gets to it first each Thursday gets the honor of making the new official thread...

Anyway, Pyramid #3/19 is out! Just downloaded my own copy mere minutes ago. And I must say, this issue is far more diverse than I was expecting for the theme. I figured we'd just have a bunch of holy powers, some new spells, and maybe rules for fruit-flavored, sparkling holy water -- but instead there's:
  • A universal, but very DF-friendly, selection of MMORPG-style "clerical aurs", where the holy man "buffs" his nearby friends or "debuffs" his nearby enemies.
  • A look at the practice of "sin-eating" and ideas for building a campaign around it or just adding it for flavor.
  • The requisite list of new holy artifacts, but some very interesting ones tied to the concepts of congregation, faith, and communion.
  • A simple look at the concept and organization of the Templars -- sort of a sourcebook on 'em condensed down to a couple of pages.
  • Guidelines for running shaman, not as actual empowered people, but as frauds and tricksters who do it all for a good cause.
  • A timeline and rules for the ability to claim sanctuary of clergy, for historical games.
  • And the usual selection of editorial extras, including a game aid that ties back to a previous issue.

Now, if you'll pardon the sales-pitch-nature of the above, I think you'll see what I mean. Really diverse stuff for what I honestly thought would be a pretty narrow topic.
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