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I just bought Munchkin Quest a week ago, and so far after 5 plays I think it's incredible and oh so much fun!

I'm curious if anybody uses house rules and why?

A few ones I use to make MQ more enjoyable!

1 move token on 1st turn. 2 move tokens on 2nd turn. 3 move tokens the 3rd turn. Gets everyone into the game faster so they're not waiting around, looking bored. Also prevents someone from getting to level 4 on the first turn, so competition stays fierce.

Players control their Monsters' Movement. Each Monster Movement turn, each player may choose to move a monster of their own color 1 space. This completely eliminates the annoying "monster mobs" and anti-social monsters who stay in one room the whole game. It makes the dungeon feel more dynamic and dangerous (because it is!!) It was hilarious running from my friend's Plutonium Dragon. Try it!

You can explore only 1 new room each player's turn. I've found this speeds up the game so people aren't waiting an hour until it's their turn again. Also gets people to use the different abilities of Move.

Those are mine, share me yours! :)
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