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Originally Posted by zogo View Post
Even more importantly this book [The Corporeal Player's Guide] has the rules for things that are basically essential rather than just cool facets of the setting. Such as...
*Rules Change to make humans have less hit-points on average than a Sedan
Can you help me reference this? I just purchased the CPG and have very nearly read it front-to-back, but I haven't found this rule. I bought it specifically on your recommendation (kudos!) and I'm not disappointed in the slightest.

One of the problems that frequently comes up in games is that average humans seem to be equipped to take quite a few bullets. Many times, if they're "extras" I just say "You hit him. He dies."


I obtained the books in this order:

1. Core Rulebook
2. Infernal players guide
3. Angelic players guide
4. Corporeal players guide
5. Liber Reliquarum
6. Liber Canticorum

In hindsight, I think I would have done it like this:

1. Core Rulebook
2. Liber Canticorum
3. Corporeal Player's Guide
4. Relevant Superiors Guide (depending on who the PC's choose.)

The Liber Reliquarum is a great buy if you need ideas for relics or would like to design your own using a specific format, but off the cusp, I think I'd recommend a book about Superiors, even before the IPG or the APG -- both are great books, but their best quality is that they expound on ways to role-play angels and demons by choir and band, and describe things like duties in heaven and on earth, typical roles, and mindsets.

Keep in mind, I'm not really the best qualified to offer up an answer because I only recently began playing In Nomine, but I felt like I should have contributed something.
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