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Your Average Run-Of-The-Mill Frost Giant (Greater Worthy)

A brutal but not stupid humanoid, often encountered in the employ of the Winter Queen or living in elevated arctic environments.

ST: 25      HP: 37      Speed: 5.0
DX: 11      Will: 10    Move:  7
IQ: 10      Per: 10
HT: 11      FP: 11      SM: +2
Dodge: 9    Parry: 9    DR:  6 or 11*

Punch (11): 2d+1 Crushing w/ Reach 1
Punch w/ Power Blow (11): 5d+1 Crushing w/ Reach 1
Slam (11): 3d-1 Crushing

Traits: Combat Reflexes, DR x4 (Vs Cold/Ice Only), Injury Tolerance x1/4 (Vs Cold/Ice Only), Surefooted (Slippery), Vulnerability (Fire/Heat x2),

Skills: Climbing DX+1 [4]-12, Power Blow Will+4 [20]-14,

Class: Mundane (Giant)

Notes: Usually wears lootable SM +2 Heavy Plate armor or at the very least heavy furs for 7 regular DR or 2 flexible DR over his 4 Tough Skin DR. Probably has a basic occupational template for skills.
I could use the Giant template from Banestorm or something, but instead I’ll keep it to stuff that appears in this thread for convenience. Start with a normal Human, with 10 for all attributes. Make him freaking huge with the Gigantic Animal template, long-legged and adapted to icy mountain conditions with the Swift Stalker template (with Climbing), slow but strong with the Power Killer template, and tough with the Hardy Brute template and the Strange Brute template (w/ Invulnerability: Cold/Ice, and Vulnerability x2 to Fire/Heat).

Gerhaard the Glacier, Frost Giant / Winter Court Field General (Greater Boss)

Every proper cold war superpower needs weapons of mass destruction held in reserve, and the Court of Ice is no exception. Gerhaard is smarter, faster, and more loyal than most frost giants, equipped with the finest arms and armor the Winter Queen's nibelung can forge and adorned the considerable distance from head to toe with mystical faerie rune tattoos that misdirect sorcery away from him.

ST: 30      HP: 48      Speed: 6.0
DX: 12      Will: 18    Move:  8
IQ: 12      Per: 12
HT: 14      FP: 14      SM: +2
Dodge: 11   Parry: 13   DR:  15*

Thrusting Broadsword (14): 5d+5 Cutting or 3d+4 Impaling w/ +2 Icy Follow-Up and Reach 2
Thrusting Broadsword w/ Power Blow (14): 9d+3 Cutting or 7d+2 Impaling w/ +2 Icy Follow-Up and Reach 2
Punch (14): 3d+2 Crushing w/ Reach 1
Punch w/ Power Blow (14): 7d+5 Crushing w/ Reach 1
Slam (14): 4d+3 Crushing

Traits: Combat Reflexes, DR x4 (Vs Cold/Ice Only), Enhanced Dodge +1, Enhanced Parry +2 (Broadsword), Hard to Kill +3, Injury Tolerance x1/4 (Vs Cold/Ice Only), Magic Resistance +5, Sense of Duty (Winter Court), Surefooted (Slippery), Vulnerability (Fire/Heat x2),

Skills: Brawling DX+2 [4]-14, Broadsword DX+2 [8]-14, Climbing DX+1 [4]-13, Leadership IQ+1 [4]-13, Power Blow Will+10 [44]-28, Tactics IQ-1 [2]-11, Throwing DX [2]-12, Traps IQ [2]-12, Wrestling DX+1 [4]-13,

Class: Mundane (Giant)

Notes: Owns a lootable Very Fine SM +2 Thrusting Broadsword with Loyal Weapon and Icy Weapon, and usually wears lootable SM +2 Heavy Plate armor with Fortify +1 and 50% Lightness for 8 regular DR over his 7 Tough Skin DR. With extra time he can easily triple his ST using Power Blow, which he will often do while acting as a walking catapult.
To make this beast: Start with a normal Frost Giant, above. Then add the Basic Brute template (w/ +ST, Broadsword, Wrestling, and SoD: Winter Court), the Clever Trickster template (w/ Leadership + Throwing), the Graceful Brute template (w/ Brawling), and the Mana-Breaker Brute template. Finally, upgrade Power Killer to Greater Power Killer, and upgrade Hardy Brute to Greater Hardy Brute.

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