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Default Two Player Idea

What does everyone think of this?
The idea is to add the Non-Playable Munchkin idea, without having a permanent NPM. Rather, one that only appears when you really need it. I am calling it an Artificial Munchkin [AM] for now. Please, someone think of something more clever.


How about this. During combat of a two player game (... or solo quests...just kidding!) you can "Run For Help."

A) Running from Battle: Running for help means you must perform a successful Run Away roll. Let me put it this way: As usual, if you can not beat a monster, you must Run Away. BUT, if you get away without Bad Stuff, you have the option to Run For Help: proceed to step two.

B) Running For Help: To Run for Help, you must discard your whole hand. For every card you had, your AM (Artificial Munchkin) will bring that many treasure cards. So, if you had to discard three cards from your hand, draw three treasure cards and place them face up to the side. They are in play and you can use during this battle, but they will be discarded after the battle when the AM leaves. Cards with permanent effects, such as GUALs, may only affect the AM.

C) Level: When you went for help, you had to do some bribing. Give the AM
at least one treasure worth at least one hundred gold. The item may still count for this battle, but will be discarded afterwards. The more bribing, the better the help. For every one-hundred gold you hand over, the AM will gain that many extra levels, with a level Ten maximum [20 in Epic]. e.g. give him an item worth 200 GP and the AM will be a level 2, such as the Leather Armor, and the AM is a level 2 with a +1 bonus (not counting the other items it probably has). If you have no treasure to give, a dice roll will determine his or her level.

D) Race and Class: Next, you may choose one race, one class and one sex for your AM. The AM does not have race or class abilities.

E) Winning: If you win, you receive levels and treasure [drawn face-up] as usual. No matter how the battle ends, the Artificial Munchkin gets away will all the stuff associated with it. All items that were drawn for it and that you gave to it are discarded.


As far as rules go, I think this is fairly tight.

I am wondering if both A) and B) are necessary. What do you think?

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