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Originally Posted by Palikin View Post
And we also made our own card, called Accio.

Accio: You may cast a summoning charm at any time. Retrieve any card from any Munchkin deck (even if that deck is not currently in use), so long as that card is not currently in someones hand or in play.
If you can find a Harry Potter Trading Card, you gain a level. (two if you currently are using any item with the name 'wand' in it.)
If you are a Wizard, you may keep the item instead of using the spell, for a +4 bonus. The item then takes 1 hand.
Usable once only if used as a spell.
No Value
Once used it goes into the Discard Pile like any other card.
(Currently it's in the treasures pile)

We're Potter Geeks here, so it's a fun card. (I drew a lovely illustration! =D)
What do you have to tie this to the Hairy Potter card? (Gorilla at a clay spinning wheel)
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