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Default Re: Member House Rules

We have a few house rules of our own when I play:

1. Potion of Cowardice cancels out Potion of Idiotic Bravery or Helm of Courage (and vice versa)
2. Thief cannot steal at level 1 unless he wants to risk losing his Thief Class (Less violent than death, and still a worthy risk, depending on the item you're going after)
3. Any Monster with the name 'Fairy' in the title can be played with the Sparkly Good Fairy without a Wandering Monster card.

There are a few others, but I can't think of them at the moment. We did at one point come up with the rule that Jake couldn't be a thief, just because he kept drawing it (we have about 6 thief cards in our expanded set), and it was making things really irritating for everyone else, but that's not a standing rule.

We follow the 'this person is knocked out' rule when someone leaves the table. Can't be stolen from, etc.

And we also made our own card, called Accio.

Accio: You may cast a summoning charm at any time. Retrieve any card from any Munchkin deck (even if that deck is not currently in use), so long as that card is not currently in someones hand or in play.
If you can find a Harry Potter Trading Card, you gain a level. (two if you currently are using any item with the name 'wand' in it.)
If you are a Wizard, you may keep the item instead of using the spell, for a +4 bonus. The item then takes 1 hand.
Usable once only if used as a spell.
No Value
Once used it goes into the Discard Pile like any other card.
(Currently it's in the treasures pile)

We're Potter Geeks here, so it's a fun card. (I drew a lovely illustration! =D)

We also have a 'Giggling Commando" card, who is a fairy as well, and can be sent to the SGF without a Wandering Monster Card.
Level 12. Can't remember the rest of it, I never fought him myself.

We're also working on a whole new Race and dungeon. Dungeon is Labrynth, and the Race is Minotaur.
The Minotaur cannot get lost in the labrynth, and has an automatic +2 when inside it.

Also, yes, we think too much. :P
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