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Default Re: Member House Rules

I haven't seen this exact one in this thread, and if it was I apologize, since there are over 100 replies it's hard to remember all of them. With that out of the way 1 I just thought of the other night was if you have 2 of the same set mixed (example, if you have Munchkin Fantasy base set, then bought the Holiday Edition so therefore have 2 of all those cards) you can wander in the same monster as a Mate. Example if Player A is fighting Mr. Bones, and Player B has a Mr. Bones in her hand, she could play it without aid of a wandering monster card, and have it be like Mate. All the same bonuses and penalties would apply as well. The only resriction would be that you couldn't play the same monster enhancer on the same monster. You couldn't have the "Enraged, Enraged, Mr. Bones", but if you had Mr. Bones and the Platycore you could have the "Enraged Platycore" and the "Enraged Mr. Bones".
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