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Default Re: TDM for ranged attacks, reality check

Interesting...I wonder if one might postulate a few things, each with a separate bonus...if one decided to break it down.

Lack of danger to shooter
Lack of perception of shooting a living target
Precisely known range
Guarantee of target not moving at all
Lack of competitive pressure
Lack of time pressure

Lack of known danger in the situation, or training and/or experience to ignore the danger, sounds a lot like Combat Reflexes. CR is good for a +1 for defense; perhaps not being in danger might be worth up to +2 on TDM

Lack of perception of shooting a living target: If you're not shooting at something that you know you can kill (and this can include animals) this could be worth a bonus. Possibly a decent one; it would have to be a TDM bonus because shooting at a living target is likely the default assumption of an RPG. Got to be equal or less than getting shot at yourself.

Laser rangefinder has been claimed to give +3, with decent justification. However, a laser or reflex SIGHT, which basically says "your point of aim is here," only gives +1. So known range can possibly vary from +1 to +3. I'd honestly be more tempted to give the +1, and allow the TIME to do precision aiming to be reduced by up to three seconds, since you know exactly what the bullet drop will be.

If knowing exactly where the gun is pointed (laser sight) is only worth +1, knowing that the target won't ever move isn't likely worth more. So totally stationary target is either worth nothing or +1.

Lack of time or competitive pressure...well, lack of any sort of "you'd best fire before seconds are up" or any sort of competitive pressure...possibly worth a bonus, but less than "you could get killed," which I'd pegged at +2 call this +1.

To summarize:

Lack of danger to shooter +2
Lack of perception of shooting a living target: +1 or +2
Precisely known range: +1
Guarantee of target not moving at all: +1
Lack of competitive pressure, including time: +1

Total potential TDM as a breakdown: +6 or +7
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