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Since getting my first expansion for Munchkin I have created a house rule. We use the bank cards in the deck. I wasn't sure if I wanted to create cards by using the blanks so I just put them in so everyone can create their own card on the fly.
Here are the rules:
1. When a blank card is drawn face up the person who drew the card must make up the card on the spot. Two players other than the player who drew the card must vote for the card to be playable.
2. If the card is drawn face down the person who drew it can keep it and use it at any time. Again the card has to be voted playable by 2 other players.
3 Exceptions. In a 3 player game only 1 person needs to vote the card playable. In a 2 player game we just use the cards as a free passs to draw another card from either pile.
A blank may be played as any card in the deck and does not need to be voted for. Example - if you want a cheat card and draw a blank card you can use it as a cheat and no one can stop you.
We usually play that if you draw a blank door card you must make something up that would work for a door card like a curse or monster. If you draw a treasure card you must make an item.
If you don't specify a value for items the value becomes zero.

I have found that playing this way makes the game more interesting because there are always a few cards that are unpredictable. It is also kind of funny watching people trying to come up with the most powerful card they can and still get it voted playable.
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