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Just a couple:

Starting: 2 doors, 4 treasures. Lets the levels go up faster at the start, but without giving people too much ammunition against low level characters.

Dungeons: 1 out at the start. When the first player reaches 5/10/15/20, they may remove a dungeon and draw a randomly chosen new one (after the removed dungeon has been shuffled back in), when the last player reaches 5/10/15/20, the number of dungeons in play is increased by 1. This lets the dungeons be used with any deck, and means there is some variety despite there only being 12 portal cards (we use M1-6 whenever the munchkin deck is in play).

Cheat: can be used on item enhancers (e.g. +2 to headgear) to enhance anything else. (in general, any "equippable", defined as an item with +X (or no*) bonus at the top)

*rat on a stick

Winner clears up. Makes for some interesting games when using all the decks, as everyone is trying to be the highest of the losers to avoid the chore.
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